The quiet before the storm

I mean this literally, there were many heavy rainstorms at the beginning of this week, and in between beautiful calm moments, with dark thick clouds moving around. Just ideal for some photo-sessions. And a good possibility for Antonia to discover a new passion: jumping into puddles of water. With normal shoes, rubber-boots, barefoot, with and without using hands, it does not matter, no puddle can be bypassed, but she needs to jump in and splash right through it. This week-end was also Juhannus, or mid-summer, a very big celebration day in Finland and luckily the weather was clearing up and it was warm and sunny this day. We were invited to friend's, and had barbecue, nice company, sauna with "swimming in the lake afterwards" - great. Antonia was playing with other children and having fun running around naked. Maybe best Juhannus ever :).