Catch me if you can

Antonia changed Kindergarten since Pikku Pietari closed for the summer - no problem for her, or on the opposite, in the new Kindergarten there is a much larger outdoor area with a small children's hut with a kitchen inside. Apparently she cooks there and serves food :). She continues to entertain the kindergarten aunts with her joyful nature and jokes and every day we pick her up we hear "It was a good day. She is a very happy girl". But she eats not enough, well, we know (also why). Some words in Finnish appear in her vocabulary, e.g. "heippa" when we leave a place (meaning good-by). But she still keeps it as a secret which language she will finally pick. During the week-end, we visited Nina & David and their newborn baby "Mathilde", some pictures below. "HopLop", the Finnish indoor adventure park, was also scheduled for the week-end, together with Maija and her family, what should I say, it was great fun and exactly within the taste of Antonia (exercising). On a routine basis we also try to pick something interesting to do with Antonia after Kindergarten, e.g. visiting the playground or driving around, however, it is getting more and more difficult, since she often upsets our nice plans nowadays, e.g. by crying in the car or stroller. Nevertheless, we made it to a stack of wood this week where we played hide and seek. The weather has changed, and it turned quite chilly but nevertheless me and Tanya enjoy this week VERY much; we finally find time to celebrate her birthday properly.