Alone with Antonia

I am alone with Antonia until thursday since Tanya visits St. Petersburg, which always means a little mess, a lot of meat and unhealthy food, lots of outdoor activities to pass the time and so on. Not that I dislike it, kind of the opposite, I kind of like this intensive time with her and only me and her and not following any rules. And we watch a lot of Heidi on youtube. I think I like it even more than her, now I know why, i want her to be Heidi, and we would live in a farmers house in the mountains with goats, rivers, flowers, snow, sledge riding.....yes. When Tanya returns, we prepare for her birthday on saturday, i buy flowers, a small present, and Antonia promises to be extra nice. Which she kind of mis-understands, she is extra nerving on saturday, cries all the way on our nice car drive (kind of spoils it) and splashes the water over her clothes when having dinner in the restaurant (we having no spare clothes with us - what parents). Well, you cannot plan with children. Sunday is perfect, though.