We are back in Kuopio

We are back in Kuopio. We ARE back in Kuopio...I have to digest this a little, I have been looking forward, and it was actually really not as relaxing in Vienna as I wished, still.  It is just a different feeling, and it takes me always a while to get used to it. Actually the weather is much better, kind of summer here while the temperatures were not raising above the 10 degree mark lately in Vienna. Vienna, Vienna, Austria, well it is my home what can I say. But we and Antonia are also happy here, in Finland, I kind of start to thik that it is not all that important where you are, you take your "problems" or "joys" ina any case everywhere where you reside. Nevertheless, we have a rough start here in Kuopio since we both (Antonia and me) got sick right away and Kindergarten has to wait until friday, when she spends all day in Hanne's arms...Children are not so flexible as I thought. They like routine, boring life. But we are back, slowly I feel even something shining in me.

Christina B.