My brother is a handsome freak

My brother has some passion for music. It i not his profession, he does it in his little spare time he has. And having 5 children, one can imagine that this time is not plentiful. But then he does it intensively, listening to music, buying records etc. As far as i know, he loves all kind of music, but he is a big fan of Frank Zappa. This name is kind of a buzz word for his family, Zappa this Zappa that and his wife goes nuts. It is maybe something nostalgic, but records (vinyl) are his thing. So Zappa and Vinyl. He has some ebaybusiness running, buys and sells those records, not really very successfull (that is not the purpose as he tells), but getting to know people and talking about Zappa and simply for fun. Whoever wants to know, i can forward his ebay infos. On a side note, he promotes his vinyl by taking pictures of them on paintings of my mother....but this, the paintings of my mother, is another story.