Mother with baby in the baby carrier

We passed the 2-years check-up

December has started and we celebrated already the second advent this week. Candles are still a little risky, she knows it is hot ("heiss" - burnt her finger heavily on her 1. Birthday) but is still very curious. This week we visited Neuvola for Antonia’s 2 years check-up. Well, she is a little over 2 years now but we missed the previous appointment because she fell asleep on the way to the nurse :). Anne-Maria is her name, and she is super nice 😃 Antonia's skills were little bit tested, she had to build some tower with small wooden bricks, pick very tiny sugar pearls with 2 fingers, solve a wooden puzzle and name some objects painted on a paper. I was surprised how ambitious she got, she did everything excellently, i would say even better than at home where she is less patient. I was very curious how she would name those objects, she was a little creative in her name-giving (“auto”, “wawa” for a dog, “wassa” for a cup, iahha for a horse, a woman was "mama") but Anne-Maria said that most importantly she finds a way to express things. She also showed her motoric skills by playing with a ball and jumping with both legs in the air. She got really excited. Painting was also not a problem, when Anne-Maria asked to paint a circle, some small lines appeared :). Overall she is very well developing. Most importantly, her weight is ok-ish (11.2 kg), steadily about 15% below the ideal, but at in constant ratio. She is now 89 cm tall and thus above the average. She got her influenza vaccination in the nose, which is good because winter has finally arrived here. On Saturday we went to the library with Maija and her 2 cute kids, which was very nice. And I got what is very rare: a picture of me and her sitting in the baby-carrier which she so likes.