Santa is coming to the Marketplace

Winter is still battling and temperatures fluctuate around zero, and only by the end of this week we get real snow. Why do I always start with the weather? Do not know :). Santa visited Kuopio this week-end, and there was carousel on the torri (market place) of course we were part of it. I am not sure was she afraid, she was sitting with a bored face in this chair and seemed to just tolerate this. She might have thought "Are we having fun yet?". Nevertheless, she didn’t want to leave and I had to let her sit for 3 runs in a row (I imitated i take her off but simply did not because there was a huge queue) which kind of suggested that fun program was accepted. We have booked our christmas holiday, as usual we will spend it in Austria, I am really looking forward to it πŸ˜ƒ Our new passports arrived, so we should be good to go. Generally, I have a feeling that she learns about one word per day. Currently counting eagerly, neun, zehn, zwei, drei, always lifting some fingers no matter which. Apparently also her Finnish is improving, they told at Kindergarten. We have to hurry up and learn this language finally, if we want to understand her in future :)