Around our clocks 3 pm in November

Around our clocks - 3pm in November

At 3pm in November, the sun sets in the town where I live, Kuopio, which is in the middle of Finland 400 km south of the polar circle. It is one of the darkest months of the year, and while one might complain about lack of sun, I actually also find some liking in this time as we retreat into our cozy homes with a quiet atmosphere in town. During the week, Antonia is still in Kindergarten at 3 pm (we pick her up at 4pm), so i wouldn’t see her. These pictures were thus taken on the week-end, all on one day. It is about the time she wakes up from the nap at noon, and I grapped her quickly once and took my camera to get these pictures. At 3 pm there is still some daylight, while it is pitch dark at 4 pm. Look how we are chasing the light.

Child sitting in carousel

It was on a Saturday, when a carousel with wooden horses and a rotating swing was set up in the middle of the marketplace in town. I was sure she would love it, and while here face doesn’t show (like, “are we having fun yet?”), I had to practically drag her from the seat after 3 runs in a row, so that the other children would also get a seat.

Child in corridor of basement apartments

We then walked slowly the 10 minutes walk home, and played a little in an entrance corridor of basement apartments. We passed a parking lot near our home where I always liked the colors and stripes on the wall of the adjacent house.  There were several puddles which she couldn’t skip, and i literally had to lay in one of those to get the pictures i wanted. As you see, the snow melted during some warmer days in November.

Child running through a puddle in parking lot
Child running in front of striped wall
Child playing in garbage shack

She chose an an empty garbage hall as a final playground before going home.  Neighbors were already looking strangely what I was doing, but it was fun documenting this late afternoon hour in November 2016.

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