child looking at christmas tree

Christmas is getting closer

This is noticeable not only from the crazy shopping activity of Kuopio people, even on Sundays, but also at Kindergarten: we had christmas party there on Wednesday. Well, party maybe not, because it started at 8:00 in the morning, but some happening. First children had breakfast together, and all children with the exception of one (guess who?) were sitting nicely on the table and eat self-made christmas cookies. Ours wanted to play gugu (hide and seek), well. Then the boys and girls were all sitting in a circle and were singing songs, also Antonia, including her favorite song “twinkle twinkle little star”. Then they covered the children with a blanket (playing clouds?) and she shouted out loudly “housi” and felt happy. Yes, her favorite game is still house, but her second favorite is maybe now guguat the moment. She loves to hide, is quite creative in finding places at home and can wait quite long until we find her. She hides e.g. under the blanket, not always very well covered, sometimes only the head, and is VERY happy when we find her. When she seeks me or Tanya, she covers her face with her hands and counts “neun, zehn, kommen”!” Very sweet :)