Child and mother running between snowflakes

It is snowing - again!

It was snowing again last week, after a warmer period which melted the previous snow nearly completely away. Well, it was more rain and snow, still warm enough for filling puddles with water. Why does every child want to jump in a puddle? I do not know, but i know that ours is no exception. For the sake of photo-shooting, we let her this time even get wet all over. It was fun, though :). This week was our first family christmas party at university which we joined, and Antonia met for the first time Santa Claus. She had a short conversation with him, she said “Blubble - broadabanosa” and Santa gave her a present. There were many games and activities going on, e.g. painting, cooky decoration, football playing, gift fishing and so on and Antonia, after a short time of reservation, was fully in her element. Maija and Igor were also with their kids and it helped maybe that Antonia found in Igor a new best friend. Generally, Antonia is playing a lot at the moment also at home, and she is getting more and more creative. Her favorite game at the moment is “house” - we have to build a house from the sofa pillows and she drags then all her toys therein, afterwards we have to move in (noteworthy that we hardly fit), then she jumps on the roof thereby destroying the house and it starts all over again. From morning to evening. 😃 Happy days!!