Child behind curtains

The child is good at ...

We had a meeting this week with Maarit, Antonia’s Kindergarten caretaker, to discuss herdevelopment and general behavior in Kindergarten. Not that she is behaving badly, this is a routine procedure at age of 2 years. The meeting went well and everything goes according to plan, luckily. We both agreed that Antonia is a happy, joyful girl who loves playing and laughing. Her strengths are physical abilities, understanding, patience, emotions, willpower, orientation (e.g. she finds her way home from the parking place), singing, painting, technical thinking, handicraft and interaction skills. She is a sportive girl, e.g. runs, jumps and climbs wildly without fear. At Kindergarten, er favorite toy is the kitchen - we have to get that at some point at home, but first we have to buy a larger apartment I guess. We also noted together that her language skills are a little slow because of the many languages she is experiencing, but Maarit was not at all concerned. She can express what she wants, has developed an own way of language and repeats at the moment everything we talk to her. Also, there are children which cannot talk much at age of 2. This was not a milestone checker, every child is different, every child develops differently, but it was good to reflect her status-quo once together. There are many sides of Antonia we never see, e.g. how she behaves in a larger group. Also, we agreed that most support we need from Kindergarten is learning finish language. One of her big weaknesses surely is eating, she is and always was a bad eater and beside her “yogurt”-suckies which she could eat thousands a day, she is not fond of any kind of food. Luckily she does eat to some extent better at Kindergarten. But at home.... well, yogurt is healthy, but she should get a more balance food already. It is also quite expensive, but well. We have a luxurious girl 😃