Girl staring out of window and small child in big world

Small child big world

This has been a week without many pictures taken by me, since I received a new camera and had to wait five long days until I finally got it. The ones attached here are the last ones taken with my "old" Nikon, near Puijo tower in Kuopio at an old farmhouse which we visited on the week-end. It was actually heavily raining and we thus went inside, where coffee was served, to dry up. I love the picture where she stares out of the window, she seems to be completely in her own world. And the other one apparently evokes the association "Small child big world" as my facebook friend Monique nicely put it. I am afraid the rest of the post will be quite technical, because 1) I said good-by to my old Nikon D7100 which I loved and which helped me re-gain joy in photography after Antonia was born and 2) I welcomed my new Nikon D750, first full-frame for me, and I am really excited. I paired it with Sigma 50 mm Art lens and everybody who knows about lenses knows what it means. Household budget is overdrawn, but I promised not to wish anything for Christmas for the next 10 years. But this year there will be this package with a small card saying "For Christina, with love xxx".