Autumn in Finland

Back in Finland and change of season

In Finland, autumn is in full swing. The colors of the leaves are spectacular, from lucid yellow to fiery red and the wind blows them all over. It is beautiful, and not yet too cold. Antonia easily adapts to Kindergarten and remembers aunt Maarit and the place “Pikku Pietari” very well, and she does not cry one time. It seems also she enjoys coming back. It is our place already after all, we love our apartment, the piece and calmness here, friendly people all around and space and time we have here solely for us. And our own bathroom J. We will soon miss Austria again but right now I am happy to be back and feel full of energy. Antonia also accepts without protest that she has to wear pantyhose now and a cap. Her nose turns red when we play a little too long leave kicking in the park. Tanya leaves for the week-end to St. Petersburg and we two reside on our own way (=mess) at home with nobody complaining, celebrate my birthday, visit Happlop and the swimming hall. We are back in Finland.