Child at a birthday party

Little girl turns two

I can hardly believe it, but our little girl turned two this Monday :), Yes, 2! It seems that just yesterday she came home with us from hospital, and now she turns already two. How time flies. We celebrated by visiting IKEA's children's department and buying 3 items she was mostly drawn to. This was an easy pick. Our home has lost now about two m2 space, with a playhouse (actually 2) and a giant plush dog. On that day, i sat down once for a while and scribbled down some lines to describe Antonia. She is a joyful girl, sensitive and energetic, funny and imaginative. She is growing her personality and though there is a language delay, it is possible to talk with her, actually I think she is quite communicative. She loves to sing and started to try to dress herself. Nowadays she explores first independence and develops a self-image. E.g., "Mein" (my) is maybe the most used word these days, apart from "nein". She likes to cuddle up and be carried around (especially during nights). She makes us VERY VERY happy. Happy birthday sweetheart!