Child with mother sitting in autumn leaves

Babysitting - nein, nein, nein

A little bit cloudy week in Kuopio which I spent in some kind of daze, I guess, because I cannot remember much. Lotta was supposed to babysit Antonia on Tuesday because I had to work evenings, but it did not work the second time. She was crying that much that Tanya decided to stay at home from her Finnish lesson. On Friday, they celebrated already Antonia’s birthday at Kindergarten (though it is next Monday), since they will leave Pikku Pietari next week and move to the main house, as they call it, because of fall holidays starting next week. She received a golden mantle and was sitting on some kind of throne in the center of the room, a table with candle and flower next to hear. They were singing birthday songs and she received some presents. Sweet. We received pictures and a full report later from Maarit. Apparently, she liked the attention :). And finally we decided to give sport another attempt and registered for “Fressi”, the Finnish gymnastic hall company. Bonus: they have child care. Well, in theory. Antonia was there for 10 minutes maybe then they tried to find us between the sports equipment. It was her first day, of course, we will give it another try. Sport has priority.