Temperatures drop rapidly here, and reach values close to zero by mid week. Nevertheless, our little cosmonaut (she dresses now already the snowsuit) braves the weather and we visit the playground nearly every evening. Antonia is now nearly daily in day-care, and she likes it. She behaves like a little sunshine there, and every time we pick her up we hear “what a happy girl, smiles all the time, sings a lot and is very joyful”. Well, not all so at home, but generally yes, and this is normal as Maarit keeps telling us. She says she is also not so nice to her husband at home :). Antonia has also her first friend in day-care, Ariana, who has also a Russian parent. They seem to understand each other. We noticed that Antonia can now name herself: She is “Toja”… sweet how we think. Tanya and me go for dinner on Saturday evening, and Lotta is hired for babysitting. I think it is the first time we have dinner alone since 2 years. It was really nice, and also Antonia had a good time with her friend Lotta. We should do this more often.